Comparing Medigap Plans in Michigan

Medigap is a health insurance policy that is sold by private insurance companies to fill the “gaps” in Original Medicare. There are various Medigap plans available in Michigan.  It is a good idea to understand what Michigan Medigap insurance plans cover to choose a plan that best fits your individual health and budget needs.

When it comes to Medigap it is important to note that it is a supplement to Original Medicare Part A and B in Michigan and is not meant to replace this coverage.  In fact, you must remain enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B for hospital and medical coverage and be current on your premiums to participate in Medigap.  In addition, be aware that Medigap plans in Michigan do not offer prescription drug coverage.  To receive prescription coverage, you must purchase the stand alone Medigap Plan D, prescription drug plan.
Standard Medigap Plans In the state of Michigan, private insurance companies offer ten standard Medigap plans that participants can choose to enroll…

4 Ways Participants Benefit from Purchasing Medigap

Are you 65 or is your 65th birthday around the corner? Are you enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B? You have a six-month open enrollment period that begins on the first day of the month in which you are 65 or older. Therefore, this is the best time to start shopping for a Medigap insurance policy. Also known as Medicare supplement insurance, Medigap policies are guaranteed, regardless of the condition of your health and are sold by private insurance companies to fill in some gaps in the coverage you get from Medicare, as long as purchased within your open enrollment period. Consider the following benefits of purchasing Medigap:
Medigap Supplements Original Medicare Medigap is a private insurance policy that picks up where Medicare leaves off, helping you cover co-payments, coinsurance, deductibles, including services such as medical care outside the U.S. This additional cover may not be “necessary” if you already have a supplemental retiree health insurance through a former employe…

Do My Spouse and I Carry the Same Medigap Insurance Policy?

Medigap Insurance is a supplemental insurance policy to Original Medicare since it doesn’t cover everything. Where Medicare Insurance falls short, Medigap is used to fill in the gaps. You can purchase Medigap from a private insurance companyand use it to cover any expenses you might have under Medicare like deductible and co-pays left by Medicare Part A and Part B.

Medicare doesn’t cover things like dentures, long-term care like assisted living, hearing aids and exams, acupuncture, routine foot care and more.  Medigap supplemental insurance can cover these sorts of expenses, which is why many seniors opt to obtain Medicare supplemental insurance. To qualify for Medigap insurance enrollees must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B.

Medigap plans are no different than Medicare plans since they both over only cover one person’s health care coverage and not their spouse. Medigap only covers one person. Although you may be able to enroll in a Medigap insurance plan if you already…

Understanding The Differences Of Medigap Policies And What They Have To Offer

There are a number of questions and concerns when it comes to enrolling in Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans.  Three main questions that seniors want answers to are:
What parts of the four different parts of the Medicare program covers stays in the hospital?What differences are seen between Original Medicare (Medicare Part A & Part B), Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplemental Plans?Which parts of Medicare provide prescription drug coverage? Original Medicare has four basic elements:
Medicare Part A – Hospital InsuranceMedicare Part B – Health InsuranceMedicare Part C – Medicare AdvantageMedicare Supplemental Insurance Plans – Medigap Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Medigap, is private health insurance plans that seniors can purchase to cover the “gaps” that are left after enrolling in Medicare Part A and Part B.  There are ten different Medigap plans to choose from.  Each plan covers different elements that are not covered by Original Medicare such as doctor’s off…

Benefits of Medicare, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage Health Insurance

Most people do not quite understand how Medicare and Medigap work and as much as there are many resources about the two, all the information can be overwhelming and confusing. In this article, we will evaluate each and the benefits you get when you pick one of over the other.
Understanding Medicare and Medigap Everyone, over the age of 65 in the US can apply for Medicare insurance coverage.  It is important to note is that the coverage is divided into four parts. Part A provides hospital care, Part B covers doctors’ fees, equipment used in the treatment and medical procedures. Part D covers prescription drugs which cost over and above your cover especially for older patients and supplemental insurance plans that take care of medical expenses that exceed your cover so that you don’t have to tap into your savings to get treatment.

Medigap is additional health insurance coverage that participants purchase from private insurance companies to help take care of medical costs that are not co…

Find the Best Medigap Policy with These 5 Easy Steps

Choosing the right Medigap policy is important if you are looking to save on your health-related costs in the long run. In this article, we break down choosing the right Medigap policy in 5 simple and easy steps:
1: Evaluating Your Health Care Costs It's important to do a thorough analysis of what you've spent on healthcare annually. Also try to sketch out an idea of how much your future health costs will come to and add them to your list. Finally, also make sure to add any costs that covered the services offered by Medigap plans.
2: Comparing and Reviewing Medigap Plans Make sure to go through the Medigap Plan from A to N to determine which plans are most apt for your situation. Cross compare the plans with each other and do a careful analysis of which one is ideal for you. Also, be aware that the Plans J, I, H and E were no longer sold after May 2010. However, if you already bought any of these plans before June 2010, you'll be allowed to move forward with it.
3: Finding…

Nine Important Facts That You Should Know About Medigap

Choosing a Medigap Plan can be challenging. Be aware that one size does not fit all and not all plans are going to be created equal. Different personal circumstances will certainly play a part in determining what type of policy would be suitable for them.

It is always important when choosing a Medigap plan that you have your eye on the long-term benefits that that plan will provide. This is simply because switching plans can be a bit of a process and one that can only be done during open enrollment.  It is always better if you can fulfill all your needs with the original plan that you choose. When choosing a Medigap plan, there are certain things that you should know. Here, we look at nine important facts that you should know about Medigap
The aim of Medigap is to take care of the things Medicare does not cover hence, bridging the gaps. You will pay an additional amount to get this type of policy on top of your Medicare premiums. Also, before you can purchase a supplemental policy, you…